Mid-States Services


Mid-States Wireless Internet

An Alternative Internet Solution

3 Mbps

No Contract      $49.95

1 Year                 $35.95

2 Year                 $30.95

6 Mbps

No Contract      $59.95

1 Year                $45.95

2 Year                 $40.95

25 Mbps

No Contract      $99.95

1 Year                $85.95

2 Year                 $80.95

15 Mbps

No Contract      $79.95

1 Year                 $65.95

2 Year                 $60.95


Frequently Asked Questions

Mid-States Services, LLC provides reliable internet access to un-served or under-served areas of north central Missouri. Our internet backbone is an ultra high-speed fiber connection to the internet. Mid-States Services has created a reliable wireless network with the use of newly developed LTE technologies. By placing our equipment in your area (atop cell towers or water towers), we are able to achieve what, until now, was impossible. 

For installation of Mid-States Services wireless broadband service, roof or tv tower mount-ability is required. The antennas are small, typically our antennas are less than half the size of a satellite television dish. (Dish Network or DirecTV).

Mid-States Services can provide you with a whole home wifi experience for an additional $4.95. We will keep your router up to date and offer remote management and troubleshooting.