Mid-States Services

Business Fiber

Mid-States Business Class

Fiber Broadband

50 Mbps Upload X 50 Mbps Download

Unlimited Data

100 Mbps Upload X 100 Mbps Download


Unlimited Data

250 Mbps Upload X 250 Mbps Download


Unlimited Data

1 Gbps Upload X1 Gbps Download


Unlimited Data

+$4.95 Whole Home Modem Fee



200 Minutes of Local & Long Distance Calling

$0.03/minute after 2,000 minutes used

Bundle Discount

-$5.00/ Month when you sign up for both VoIP and Data

Business people using the internet at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mid-States Services LLC provides reliable, fiber optic internet access to all residents in Trenton, Missouri. Our service is an ultra high-speed fiber connection to the internet. We are able to achieve what, until now, was impossible. 

You don’t need to provide anything. Mid-States Services will provide you with a wifi equipped ONT (fiber optic modem). 

Yes! Mid-States Services will provide you with a whole home wifi experience for an additional $4.95. We will keep your router up to date and offer remote management and troubleshooting. 

You can get the fastest possible internet speeds by connecting your computer to your ONT or router with an Ethernet cable.

When you connect using wifi, you won’t reach maximum internet speeds, but you can expect faster speeds than you would with other types of wireless access. It’s normal for the speeds you receive to be lower than those listed on this page. Your real-world speeds depend on a variety of factors that affect your internet, including the equipment you have (such as device age/models, locations of Mid-States Services equipment relative to your wifi devices) and the 802.11 version your device uses.

  • Gigabit is a maximum capacity. Speed is likely to be slower because transport overhead and other locations on the Internet are not yet gigabit-capable. Very few wireless routers support gigabit connection speeds. Gigabit speeds are “best-effort” and not guaranteed. Speeds in the 700 to 900 mbps range are most common on Gigabit tier

No! We do not have data caps on any of our plans which means you can use as much wifi as you want.