Mid-States Services

Business Fiber

Mid-States Business Class Fiber Broadband

50 Mbps Upload X 50 Mbps Download


Unlimited Data

100 Mbps Upload X 100 Mbps Download

$89.95 / Month

Unlimited Data

250 Mbps Upload X 250 Mbps Download

129.95 / month

Unlimited Data

1 Gbps Upload X 1Gbps Download

499.95 / month

Unlimited Data

+$4.95 Whole Home Modem fee 


39.95 / month

2000 Minutes of Local & Long Distance Calling

$0.03/min after 2000 minutes used

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mid-States Services LLC provides reliable, fiber optic internet access to all residents in Trenton, Missouri. Our service is an ultra high-speed fiber connection to the internet. We are able to achieve what, until now, was impossible.